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My Story

At just 26 years old I developed back pain so debilitating that I could barely tie my shoes, struggled to stand up in the mornings, and couldn’t even wear a backpack without triggering back spasms. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and Bulging Discs, and two surgeons each said I needed spinal fusion surgery to have any chance at reducing my pain. I chose instead to pursue what I can now confirm was a far better treatment option: fitness.

Today I can pick up over 400lbs, squat with 300lbs on my back, and I look better in a swimsuit than I did in my 20’s. Results like this are possible for anyone that commits to training with specificity, rather than exercising generically. A professionally constructed program that focuses every detail on your desired outcome can be the most life-changing investment you ever make in your life. It took me more than a year, but I committed to the process and with every passing month my chronic pain melted away!

Regaining full use of my body gave me a desire to help others feel young and capable again too. Online personal training had already started taking off, so I pursued professional education in fitness to combine my skills as a web designer and work towards launching my own online coaching platform. I started in a gym setting for two years to get hands-on experience first, then took my award winning training service online. My education, experience, and powerful virtual training software brings everything you need to rebuild your body into the palm of your hand!


Live Unlimited

I am here ready to guide you every step of the way to feeling younger, happier, more confident, more capable, and even more attractive. Imagine how different the rest of your life could be if you were not held back by pain, self-esteem, or physical ability. This is my passion and my career, and thanks to my countless hours of experience and extensive expertise I can guarantee that you will get a world class coaching experience and even better results while you train with me (if you put in the work and follow my instruction).

Stop Chasing Quick Fixes

No surgery, medicine, supplement, or even diet is going to restore that youthful function, form and freedom your body once felt. Getting real results requires real, hard, work; consistently! Until science invents a pill that can build muscle, fix injuries, restore range of motion, increase stamina and program proper movement patterns into your system, targeted training is the only way to rebuild your body. Your money is better spent on something that actually works and lasts!

You Need My Help

Let’s face it, you would not be here if you could do this on your own. I know that feeling of wondering if you have exhausted all the cheaper options, but we both know that when it comes to cheap solutions, you get what you pay for. Health insurance averages $400-$1,000+ per month and does nothing to help you stay out of the doctor’s office. At a fraction of the cost, I can reduce your need for healthcare and maybe even get your monthly premium lowered.

Give Me 2 Weeks – IT’S FREE!

I am so confident that you are going to love my training service that I’m offering you two weeks FREE! If you decide it’s not for you, all I ask for in return is what you think I can do to improve it for others. But I guarantee that together, we will see you hit that goal weight, wake up without aching joints, show up some younger folks at the gym, and turn heads at your next big event. I will put you on the path to the younger, healthier, and let’s be honest, hotter you, and keep you on it until you don’t even recognize yourself anymore!


How the signup process for personal training works: apply, signup, video conference, start then succeed


Ben Crane of Do What You Can't

I believe that “health”, “wellness”, and “fitness” are all terms that aim to describe the same thing. Physical health is both directly and chiefly related to your fulfillment in life. The stronger and more capable your body, the more you can experience and the better your experience will be. The opposite is also true, I have been there myself, and that is why I am here to help people like you enjoy life without limitations.

Call it “Wellness Coaching”, “Health Coaching”, “Fitness Coaching”, “Lifestyle Coaching” or “Personal Training”, the fact is that every one of these services should look identical if they are to be successful at delivering results. They each need to assess your health status, fitness level and lifestyle, and provide tangible solutions to improve each. That is why I take an integrative approach to my training service and provide my clients with support and guidance that gets them to their goals despite their circumstances.

My Certifications

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainers are educated in nutrition, exercise science, and how variances within the general population intersect with each to create unique and specific training requirements. Trainers primarily learn how to manage one client at a time, wherein they guide clients through the dietary requirements, exercise movements and appropriate intensities that are scientifically known to produce the specific adaptions related to a client’s needs and goals.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches learn and apply much of the same education as Certified Personal Trainers, but they are additionally educated on how to apply their knowledge of movement specificity to athletes, their sports, and often in a team setting. Because sports athletes are frequently more fit and capable compared to the general population, the Strength and Conditioning curriculum focuses on higher level training modalities and more aggressive progressions but with an emphasis on preventing injury both in and out of competition.

Certified Sports Nutritionist

The Sports Nutrition Specialist is educated on the same general health and fitness nutrition science recommended for both active and inactive persons of varying ages and abilities, but in addition they learn how to customize healthy nutrition to maximize athletic performance and desired fitness-related outcomes. From what, when and how much to eat, to if supplementation can or can not improve performance or recovery, Sports Nutritionists bring a higher level of nutrition expertise to their clientele compared to Trainers and Coaches.

Certified Crossfit Level 1 Coach

Crossfit has arguably had the single greatest impact on the physical health of Americans than any other fitness modality, trend or sport. By emphasizing functional movement patterns at constantly varied high intensities, Crossfit brought the general public a training method that actually produced the results they wanted but had never worked hard enough for. Crossfit’s unique exercise programming made workouts both more challenging, fun, and consequently more effective. Being able to apply Crossfit’s philosophy and strategy into an exercise program augments a client’s experience and rate of success.

Additional Qualifications

  • Developed award-winning training service in person before going online
  • Behavior Change Specialist: applies the Life Coaching methodology to modify behaviors that affect your outcomes
  • Corrective exercises that restore normal function and range of motion to injured joints
  • Functional movement training which recruits and reinforces universal motor control patterns to improve movement quality and capacity

These books may not enhance my job title but they do improve my training service, and that is what I care about. So while I do not have a certification to prove that I possess the knowledge found in these books, they have nonetheless augmented my training service. These books include Starting Strength, Becoming a Supple Leopard, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, Functional Movement Systems and Fundamentals of Biomechanics.



Chatting face-to-face via video chat is optional on your part, but I believe it’s a vital part of developing a trusting relationship and effectively communicating expectations and outcomes. On a weekly basis, I’ll be sending you a video overview with a summary of the week’s performance and how that will influence the upcoming week. This will provide you with consistent feedback, frequent accountability, and ongoing support until we have accomplished the goal(s) you have created for yourself.

Got a question? Call or text anytime! I make myself available every single day to answer your questions, make adjustments to your training, and make sure you’re staying on track! I will reach out to you as much as needed, and we will also have weekly check-ins to make sure you’re encouraged, supported, and held accountable to the goals you have set for yourself.

I am nationally certified as a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and a Crossfit Level 1 Coach. Personal Trainers are educated on how to safely and effectively guide the general population towards their ideal health and fitness goals, while Strength Coaches learn more specifically how to improve athleticism across a variety of sports and playing positions while reducing the risk of injury. Crossfit’s fun and challenging H.I.I.T. style programming makes harder workouts more enjoyable and rewarding.

Having a background in each of these fields makes my programming particularly unique. Whatever season of life and fitness venture you find yourself in, my expertise can help you make the most of your workouts so you can make the most of your results.

True Coach is a professional personal training software used by some of the biggest names in fitness. It makes it easy for coaches to write custom workouts from start to finish with video instruction of each movement and specific instructions to adapt the movement to your exercise prescription like target range of motion, tempo, intensity, etc.

Want eyeballs on your exercise? Record yourself and upload it to your own personal cloud storage folder that I’ll provide you! This is great way to make sure your more complex movements become second nature as fast as possible.

If at any point you decide you are unhappy with your results, your workouts, your nutrition guidance or any other aspect of your personal training experience, I will refund 100% of the month you wish to cancel.


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