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Ben is a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He also holds certificates of specialization in Behavior Change, Back Stabilization, Olympic Weightlifting and more.

The Healthy Human Project: The First Complete Fitness Program

The most recent physical activity guidelines in the USA were originally released in 2008. Shortly after, in 2011, they were updated to include important additional research. I recently spoke with the lead researchers of these guidelines and asked, “are these guidelines still current, or is there new data that would necessitate a change to the current recommendations?” To the best [...]

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Consequences of Sedentary Living: A Personal Trainer’s Pandemic Story

This is not a theoretical precautionary tale intended to trigger your imagination into wondering what it would be like if someone else's problems were your own. This is real, unbridled, serious insight into the power of inactivity. This is the story of how a man who had never been out of shape, who had never gone more than a 1-week [...]

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Review Announcement: Elite Sports

I am proud to announce that I have been invited to review the following product from Elite Sports, a prominent brand in the MMA world conceived by seasoned veterans committed to revolutionizing the world of premium gear for the avid fighter: The Elite Sports Warrior Series Black Large Duffel Training Gear Gym Bag & Backpack - Available here Stay tuned [...]

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Review Announcement: Born Tough Apparel

I am proud to announce that I have been invited to review the following products from Born Tough, a relatively new brand in the world of athletic apparel, and one showing a lot of promise with their unique take on professionally designed and developed products for those who take fitness as seriously as I do: The Born Tough Air Pro [...]

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Never Too Late to Educate

I never had any intention of becoming a personal trainer. I was never really even interested in taking classes about kinesiology, physiology, or even fitness. It was the shock I had after tearing my rotator cuff out of nowhere that sparked a desire to learn how it could have happened, how it could have been prevented, and how I was [...]

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A Personal Trainer’s Favorite Tips to Get and Stay Fit

1. Track. Your. Food! This is the easiest thing in fitness to do but 9/10 people won't do it because it has to be done every day. Science has made it incredibly easy to accurately estimate our resting metabolic rate (measured in calories) and the caloric value of foods (energy intake) and many common physical activities (energy expended). These known [...]

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Fitness & Fatherhood: Preamble

I will never forget December 7th, 2018. My wife was home because she had a dentist appointment that morning and didn't want to go into work afterwards while her mouth was still numb. It's just another day for me, sitting in our living room working on fitness programs, my website, e-mails and whatever else my business requires. Out of nowhere, [...]

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Dad Bod to Rad Bod: Before

New Year. New Me! It's time to lose that paternal pudge that we all (both men and women) tend to put on in the Fall after pool season ends and full-coverage clothing season begins. I personally don't feel bad about gaining 10-20lbs in the Fall because all those extra calories really show up on the barbell (in a good way)! [...]

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The Proof is in the Footing

Minimalist shoes started becoming quite the fad around 10 years ago. Those ridiculous-looking Barefoot shoes that looked more like a Bigfoot footprint mold cast with shoe material caused quite the buzz. I have honestly never even tried a pair on because they look nothing like the shape of my feet. I heard mixed reviews on the pros and cons of [...]

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In Sickness and in Fitness – Should We Sick or Swim?

Cold and Flu Season is upon us! Every year I field questions from clients wondering if they should workout if they feel like they might get sick, if they are sick, or worried they might get sick again. "What should I eat? What should I not eat? Should I go here? Stay home?" The list goes on and on. I [...]

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Professional Program Review: Kris Gethin’s 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer

One of Bodybuilding.com's most popular training programs is Kris Gethin's 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer. Gethin is a world-renowned fitness icon who prides himself on his never-ending quest for knowledge, superior supplement line, and unrelenting ambition to demolish his body in the gym in pursuit of myth-busting, jaw-dropping transformation results. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist, [...]

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What Does a Personal Trainer Think About Crossfit?

Despite being quite popular for more than a decade now, I managed to make it all the way to this summer before finally giving Crossfit a try. A variety of factors opened an opportunity for me to finally visit a Crossfit "box", and it serendipitously aligned with a time in my life where I was legitimately ready and willing to [...]

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The Problems with Intuitive Eating

The dieting strategy known as "Intuitive Eating" is becoming increasingly popular, and it's pretty easy to see why. Intuitive Eating promises successful weight-loss and management with no restrictions, calorie counting, or unsatisfied cravings. Participants are asked to begin monitoring their hunger more carefully, rating their hunger and satiety on a scale of 1 - 10. The goal is to keep [...]

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Does Carb Cycling Work?

A common fat-loss strategy is to add or remove starches from dietary intake day-to-day depending on activity level, type of activity, and the anecdotal and possibly arbitrary schedule one creates or follows. The idea is that depriving the body of carbohydrates on some days but adding them back on other days keeps the body guessing as to whether the dieter [...]

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Client Transformation Story: 1st Place 2018

Meet Audrey. Audrey is the 1st Place Winner in the local Gold's Gym Transformation Challenge. I first met Audrey in the summer of 2016. At the time, she was battling some pretty serious health issues related to allergic reactions, as well as self esteem issues related to her weight at the time. Audrey had been passionate about her fitness for [...]

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A Guide to My Recent Transformation Challenge

Every year, Gold's Gym hosts it's annual Transformation Challenge. As an employee, I'm obviously not allowed to compete, but the staff usually arranges a competition amongst themselves to keep us motivated and accountable for our own fitness each year. Last year I didn't compete because I was in the middle of my 12 Week Shortcut to Size program review, but [...]

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Functional Fitness: How Olympic Weightlifting Improves Camping Experience

It has been just over a year since I became both fascinated with and an avid participant in Olympic Weightlifting. I recently returned from a 5-day semi-primitive camping trip and had to share how much of a difference I could feel doing normal camping activities thanks to my strength and mobility improvements from Snatches and Cleans. Washing Dishes The first [...]

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Everything Wrong with “What The Health” – Complete Documentary Review

Nationally Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer, Ben Crane, goes in-depth into the blatantly biased, vegan-inspired health claims against animal protein sources made in "What The Health", the latest diet documentary available on Netflix. From a weight-loss surgeon spreading false information on the causes of weight-gain, to hypocritically claiming we can't trust studies about meat if they are performed [...]

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My 2017 Recap and Hopes for 2018

Rather than follow the tune of the mass media and discuss only the negative occurrences of 2017 and what I hope changes this year, I would instead like to highlight what I accomplished over the last year and what I plan to accomplish in 2018. Accomplishments Produced a Top 10 finisher in the Gold's Gym 2017 Transformation Challenge Became a [...]

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Primal Sports: Athletic Events that Showcase Human History

Humans have been around for a very long time. Our history goes back well beyond written historical record, including artistic and architectural expressions of cultural history and heritage. Times have changed, but the human form is very much today as it was when it first appeared on Earth. By analyzing human anatomy and contrasting it with behaviors observed in nature, [...]

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Is Gym-Timidation Real and What Can You Do About It?

Gym intimidation, or "gym-timidation" is the core marketing concept of Planet Fitness, a popular North American fitness center known for banning bodybuilders because they intimidate other members. They ironically call their club a "judgement free zone". It's ironic because they have caricatures of bodybuilders around the gym looking like an angry, uncontrollable Hulk, commercials making fit women out to be air [...]

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The 4 Best Pieces of a Perfect Fitness Program

I have seen enough success and failure both from personal training clients and myself to know what makes for a successful endeavor, and what sets you up for failure. Below are the four things I consider the most essential for accomplishing the serious fitness goals you have today, tomorrow, and years into the future! Food Journal No matter how many [...]

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