Intermittent Fasting – My Experience

It was Spring of 2015 that I first came across "Intermittent Fasting". I was looking to drop some post-surgery weight that I'd been struggling to lose (more like struggling to do something about) and thanks to a comical video by The Hodge Twins (they were funnier back then) I was introduced and intrigued by this fasting diet they kept touting. They [...]

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How Much Protein, Bro?

It's every bro's favorite question, but the answer is of tremendous importance to everyone alive. Everyone's body, not just bodybuilders or strength athletes, needs protein to grow and sustain bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood and more. Why The Confusion? Just about anyone who's been inside a weight room a few times has heard someone bring up the necessity of consuming protein [...]

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Program Review: My Experience with Jim Stoppani’s Six Week Shortcut to Shred

I'd like to first say that I was very impressed with my abbreviated experience with Jim Stoppani's Six Week Shortcut to Shred (SWSS). Again, it's not for beginners, but it not only brought me the results I was looking for, it was fun, easy to follow with the help of the SWSS app, and it was one of the most intense and [...]

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How to Get Skinny Without Working Out

NASM Certified Trainer, Ben Crane, explains the pros and cons of relying solely on diet to achieve weight loss.  To the young lady who posed this question to me, thank you very much. I know this is something everyone loves to think about, especially when we're a few minutes into our workouts and facing the strong temptation to just call it [...]

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Program Review: Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred

Fitness professional Ben Crane breaks down Jim Stoppani's popular workout program, Six-Week Shortcut to Shred, giving you the inside scoop on the strategies and science of this intense workout series. Before I begin breaking down this program, I want to first say that Jim Stoppani has done amazing things for the fitness industry. His physique, education and experience all attest [...]

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Your Ideal Workout Plan

Ever walk in the gym and wonder "Well, now what?" Maybe you didn't even make it to the gym because you didn't know what you'd do when you got there. I'm guilty of this on a regular basis, largely because my gym frequency and workout split gives me some freedom to spontaneously commit to one muscle group or the other depending [...]

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Howdy World!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben and I just recently became a personal trainer! If you had asked me just 6 months ago if I thought I would be a personal trainer one day, I would have said no way in hell. Obviously my thoughts changed and through the influence of my wonderful wife I decided to take [...]

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