Guest Post: How Exercise Can Help Beat Both Anger and Addiction

All too often, people who struggle with addiction must overcome a range of issues if they're to achieve lasting sobriety. One of the most common challenges for those in recovery is dealing with uncontrolled anger. This is because rage and substance abuse are two sides of the same sinister coin. One feeds on the other and vice-versa, entangling the person [...]

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Is Gym-Timidation Real and What Can You Do About It?

Gym intimidation, or "gym-timidation" is the core marketing concept of Planet Fitness, a popular North American fitness center known for banning bodybuilders because they intimidate other members. They ironically call their club a "judgement free zone". It's ironic because they have caricatures of bodybuilders around the gym looking like an angry, uncontrollable Hulk, commercials making fit women out to be air [...]

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The 4 Best Pieces of a Perfect Fitness Program

I have seen enough success and failure both from personal training clients and myself to know what makes for a successful endeavor, and what sets you up for failure. Below are the four things I consider the most essential for accomplishing the serious fitness goals you have today, tomorrow, and years into the future! Food Journal No matter how many [...]

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Real Client Story: Hypothyroidism and Weightloss

I have had the pleasure of working with a young mother of two in her late 20's who came to me looking to lose her baby weight from her last pregnancy. Out of respect for her privacy, rather than use her real name I will refer to her as Jennifer. Jennifer is a relatively short, endomorphic young lady; she has [...]

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Never Plateau Again: The Optimum Performance Training Model™

Personal Trainers like myself who go through a formal certification process are educated during their coursework on a model of training that virtually eliminates any chance of a plateau occurring. Each nationally accredited fitness council has their own name for it, but one is the Optimum Performance Training Model™, as trademarked by the National Council of Strength and Fitness. They [...]

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Diet Detective: Plant-based Diet Deficiencies

Most people desperately need to eat more plant-based foods (myself included), but just like any diet that completely excludes certain food sources, diets that completely exclude animal products put those dieters at risk from receiving many of the vital nutrients our bodies evolved to expect from animal meat consumption over time. It's a bit ironic that vegetarians, particularly vegans, are [...]

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The Best Indicator of Life Expectancy: VO2 Max

Ever wondered how your fitness is paying off in the long run? Well more than any other aspect of your physical ability, VO2 Max has been shown to be the primary indicator of one's life expectancy. Waist circumference, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and body-fat percentage are all well and good, but a body that can absorb and use high volumes [...]

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Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) vs Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

I recently became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), otherwise called a Strength Coach or Strength and Conditioning Coach. Perhaps you've wondered what the difference between a personal trainer and a strength coach is, or maybe you're a personal trainer (CPT) wondering how the education for the CSCS differs. We will discuss those differences here. CPT The CPT program [...]

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Why You Should Watch “Alone” on History Channel

"Alone" is a reality TV show where 10 or so survival experts are dropped off in remote locations across Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Patagonia, each completely secluded from human contact. Their only task is to survive as long as possible. Isolated from any human contact other than random medical checks, contestants struggle to stay dry, sheltered, healthy, injury-free, away [...]

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“What The Health” Netflix Documentary Initial Review

I hope to make time to do a full assessment of various quotes from "Doctors" in this film, but for now I just want everyone to be aware of this agenda of this documentary. All you have to do is a Google search for a review of this documentary to see what it's trying to promote: veganism. By all means, [...]

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Fitness: The New Resume´

Ok so it's unlikely you will be putting your Powerlifting numbers or body-fat percentage on your resume´ anytime soon, even if you are applying to an actual fitness company. But Corporate Wellness is becoming increasingly important to both employers and employees, and you should be advised about how the two tie in together. Businesses both large and small are getting bogged [...]

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Jumpstart Your Fitness with These 5 Professional Tips

In a perfect world, there would only be one beginning and end to each person's fitness journey. No one would ever even think about eating for more than a few days the food most Americans eat every meal. We would rarely be inactive, we wouldn't need calorie menus at restaurants, and the majority of the population would no longer be overweight. [...]

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Stop Working Out Like a High Schooler

If you're an adult, it's time to stop exercising like your teenage, high school self. Several people have recently shared that the only exercise they know how to do is what they were taught in high school. That's pretty sad, considering most grade schools don't really "teach" us anything about exercise. Gym class is often taught by someone with no [...]

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Program Review: Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size – Part 2

After having successfully completed the 12-week Shortcut to Size program, I have decided that I will never do another program again. This decision is based less on the fact I absolutely hated this one, and more because I now know and understand the value in doing a program that is tailored not just to your specific needs, but your [...]

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Battle of the Bells: Dumbells vs. Barbells

If you have yet to hear someone argue why dumbells are better than barbells for one or more haven't been in the gym enough. For some it may seem obvious how dumbells and barbells are different, but what is not always obvious is why one may be better than the other for different exercises. The Basic Difference Barbells are [...]

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Man vs. Machines: Why Free Weights Are Better

President John F. Kennedy's fitness initiative of the 1960's began what has become the modern fitness phenomenon. Joe Gold started Gold's Gym which pioneered the fitness center industry, and soon after came Nautilus exercise equipment which arguably took off faster than the fitness craze itself. This rather unfortunate event has led to widespread misuses of machine-based training, sometimes causing more [...]

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From Bodybuilding to Weightlifting: How My First Year of Personal Training Changed Everything

I've spent half my life mindlessly attempting to get bigger and stronger. Knowing I would never look like Arnold, I still believed that if I copied his workouts I could achieve the bigger and better me I invisioned, even if it was less than half his size (after all, it was better than what I had going on at 6' 1" [...]

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The Importance of Positive Body Image for All Shapes and Sizes

Love your body.  Easier said than done, right? Sure, it's easier for some than others, but in a world flooded with both ripped magazine models and their polar opposite, the average Western Adult, it's rarely easy for people to love what they see in the mirror. But this article is NOT about loving what's in the mirror, it's about loving your [...]

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17 Ways to Turn Resolutions into Results in 2017

New Year, a new you. For some of you that may be the millionth time you've heard that and by now it's no more meaningful than when someone asks "How's it going?". For others, 2017 rings with excitement. You have big plans, bigger goals, and hopefully a gameplan. For those with fitness related goals, especially those trying to make lifestyle [...]

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Is It My Fault I’m Fat

Surely when almost 70% of American adults are overweight, it can't be our own fault, right? Genetics, busy schedules, limited food options...something has to be causing the weight to pile on. And it can't be my fault. Can it? Before I go any further, I would just like to share that one year ago I weighed about 213lbs. By the [...]

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Muscle vs. Strength – The Difference

Most people would agree that more muscle equates to more strength, but if it were that simple then why do bodybuilders so often post significantly weaker strength levels compared to powerlifters of similar or even smaller size? Are All Muscles Created Equal? Most of us have seen someone visibly smaller or weaker display greater strength abilities than someone of larger or seemingly stronger [...]

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