Northlawn Park Bootcamp

Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Next Bootcamp: October 24, 2020

Strengthening community through health & fellowship!

Where: Here are the exact coordinates of where I’ll be setting up!

(link to map: click here)

What: Bring comfortable warm clothes, water, a mask just in case and if you’d prefer not to touch the grass too much, a towel or mat of some sort.

When: 9 a.m. October 24, 2020

How: This is completely FREE and I will be doing everything possible to make it easy for everyone to have fun, maintain a safe distance the entire time and make friends while we all get a good sweat going to start our weekend off in a healthy way!

Who: Everyone is welcome no matter where you’re from or where you live! There is nothing I can’t scale for your ability level so don’t let “I’m out of shape” stop you from from coming and taking positive steps towards self-improvement 🙂

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Ben Crane of Do What You Can't

Ben has held nationally accredited certifications in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit, and Sports Nutrition for years. Additionally, he has formal education on Olympic Weightlifting, Behavior Modification, Youth Exercise, Back Stabilization, and graduate level coursework in Strength and Conditioning studies.

His career is dedicated to help others continually advance their physical fitness whether they’re in the stages of injury recovery, basic ability, or elite performance. No matter your situation, Ben can and will guide you on the safest and most effective training strategies that will make your body look, feel, and perform its absolute best!

Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainers are educated in nutrition, exercise science, and how variances within the general population intersect with each to create unique and specific training requirements. Trainers primarily learn how to manage one client at a time, wherein they guide clients through the dietary requirements, exercise movements and appropriate intensities that are scientifically known to produce the specific adaptions related to a client’s needs and goals.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches learn and apply much of the same education as Certified Personal Trainers, but they are additionally educated on how to apply their knowledge of movement specificity to athletes, their sports, and often in a team setting. Because sports athletes are frequently more fit and capable compared to the general population, the Strength and Conditioning curriculum focuses on higher level training modalities and more aggressive progressions but with an emphasis on preventing injury both in and out of competition.

Sports Nutritionist

The Sports Nutrition Specialist is educated on the same general health and fitness nutrition science recommended for both active and inactive persons of varying ages and abilities, but in addition they learn how to customize healthy nutrition to maximize athletic performance and desired fitness-related outcomes. From what, when and how much to eat, to if supplementation can or can not improve performance or recovery, Sports Nutritionists bring a higher level of nutrition expertise to their clientele compared to Trainers and Coaches.

Crossfit Level 1 Coach

Crossfit has arguably had the single greatest impact on the physical health of Americans than any other fitness modality, trend or sport. By emphasizing functional movement patterns at constantly varied high intensities, Crossfit brought the general public a training method that actually produced the results they wanted but had never worked hard enough for. Crossfit’s unique exercise programming made workouts both more challenging, fun, and consequently more effective. Being able to apply Crossfit’s philosophy and strategy into an exercise program augments a client’s experience and rate of success.


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