Meet Your Trainer - Ben Crane of Do What You Can't

Hi, I’m Ben.

My journey in fitness has honestly been in the works since I was a child since I was always playing a sport. My journey as a professional in fitness, however, started after years of poor posture and poor exercise choices put me on the operating table. It was my experience in physical therapy that inspired me to go down a road that would take me away from my career as a web designer towards what I do now: change lives online through fitness.

I used to think as long as you “exercised”, you were healthy. I never stopped exercising after leaving high school sports. I kept up with my cardiovascular and my resistance training, but neglected my neuromotor and flexibility training. This lead to strength and endurance built on a stiff, brittle frame. By age 27, despite looking like I was in great shape, I tore my rotator cuff and found out I had degenerative disc disease and 2 bulging discs.

It was in Physical Therapy after my surgeries that I discovered that my posture, inflexibility, and poor movement quality were ticking time bombs for serious injury. Professionals with expertise like my therapists could tell exactly why I’d injured myself, and I couldn’t understand why I’d never been exposed to this kind of guidance before. I could not understand how someone could go through decades of athletics without ever being exposed to someone who could teach you how to properly exercise your body.

After physical therapy I committed myself to never doing bad exercises again. I was going to train my body properly. I was going to do the right movements, the right weight, the right reps, the right amount of variation, and progress the right amount each week. A year in to this educational endeavor my wife asked me if I had ever considered becoming a personal trainer. Prior to that question, it had never crossed my mind. Months later after stewing on that question, I decided it was not only my passion but even my duty to share with others the lessons I had learned and the instruction to help them prevent and overcome the same mistakes.

I spent two years working in person with clients of every age and ability level before transitioning online. I knew this was would provide invaluable experience because “knowing” expertise is very different than “applying” expertise, especially when each person you apply them to is very different. Today, not only do I hold more certifications most personal trainers, but I have experience working with hundreds of different ability levels, backgrounds, preferences and goals.

Today, I proudly and passionately help people take back control of their bodies. I’ve helped rehabilitate injuries people have had for years, overcome chronic pain, win 1st place in weight-loss competitions, and get stronger than they ever thought possible. And yes, all of these were accomplished by training with me online.

I am a husband. A father. An outdoorsman. An amateur food critic, and I love a good hefeweizen. I’ve been weak and skinny, and I’ve been 30lbs overweight. I’ve lived in 6 different states and moved more times than I could ever count. I’m more relatable than you might think, I just happen to also know more than most about the human body, and I’d love to help you learn more about yours. Whenever you’re ready, I’m here to help you do what you can today so that you can do what you can’t tomorrow.

Ben Crane