Middle Age Adults

Middle Age adults mak eup the majority of personal training clientele, so most personal trainers have a lot of experience with this age group. Many want to regain some long-lost energy so they can enjoy life more. Others need to improve their mobility, flexibility, strength, and/or endurance so they can participate in more activities with their family and friends. Most just want to look better for themselves or their spouses, often complaining of excess weight collected over years of falling victim to our over-fed, under-nourished, poorly-active society. Middle Age adults probably have the most to lose (in weight) and the most to gain, so personal training often changes more lives in this age category than any other.

By this point in life, some clients have probably incurred some injuries that have left them with chronic pain, or at least physical limitations. There’s also a chance that a chronic disease may be present, so before starting any rigorous exercise programs, clients should talk to a medical or fitness professional for guidance on a safe starting point. Gyms usually offer a free fitness consultation with a personal trainer on staff, so take advantage of a professional assessment if you can.

Since many middle aged adults sit for the majority of the day, or at least do not get the government’s recommended 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day, some middle aged persons will have more dramatic signs of degeneration than others. This means some adults may find themselves being recommended training programs that are slower than expected, while others may be deemed ready to begin more intense exercise. It’s important to understand that everyone’s starting point is going to be different, and a personal trainer will make sure you don’t get started off on the wrong program. The last thing you want is to incur an injury that sets you back farther, or put in work towards a goal that you never wanted to achieve. This is why it’s important to make sure the time and effort you put in are working for you, not against you.