2019 Dad Bod to Rad Bod Program

$20.00 $10.00

Get the exact 3 month program that I did to drop 22.3lbs while building new muscle in my legs, chest and arms, and even hit a new squat PR. That literally equates to leaner, stronger and bigger all in one program!



What you get with this program:

  • Over 14 weeks of professionally engineered workouts
  • Exact calorie and macronutrient targets I used
  • Video instruction of every warmup, workout and cooldown movement
  • Automated E-mail Reminders of Workouts

Once I receive your order, you will receive an invitation to join True Coach, which is the personal training software I use to send workouts to my clients. It’s free and offers a mobile-friendly web app and iOS app so that it works seamlessly on both Android and iOS phones. If you prefer, you can use a computer, tablet or other device to access the workouts.


The following is only for people who like to complain and get their money back for the slightest, stupidist reasons

There are NO REFUNDS on this program. You will instantly gain access to the entire program which can easily then be plagiarized and re-sold. For this reason, I will not refund any purchases of this product for any reason. There is too much hard work and proprietary information in this program for you to complain about losing a few dollars for every week of professional exercise guidance you receive.

If you don’t have the exact equipment used in this program, get creative. Basic barbells, dumbbells and other free weights make up the majority of this program, and any major gym chain will have most if not all of the other equipment in the program. If you don’t have the exact equipment I used, find something else to facilitates the same movement; you not having something I do doesn’t warrant a refund.



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