Fitness Training Services

Welcome! Here are my current services:

The Healthy Human Project

Fitness for Everyone

Want your workouts to be exactly what science says they should be? The Healthy Human Project is the first and only fitness program to comprise the precise and current Physical Activity Guidelines of the ACSM. Every week of programming features fundamental, functional movements carefully programmed and progressed to help you become and stay a healthy human.

Online Personal Training

Fitness for You

Have a sport-specific need? A big weight goal? Not every body is ready for a generalized fitness program. Most need specialized training first. If you have chronic or recurring pain, limited range of motion, have been inconsistently active for more than a few months, or need a professional to help keep you motivated and accountable, personal training is your best option.

Thank you for your interest in my coaching services. I left my career as a web designer to become a personal trainer in 2016 with the express purpose of one day offering life-changing fitness services online. I spent my first two years training exclusively in person to ensure I knew how to help people of all ages and ability levels. Today I am proud to offer one of the most comprehensive online personal training services on the market as well as a revolutionary, one of a kind fitness program that has no limit to the number of lives it can change.

Current Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach – NCSF
  • Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist – NCSF
  • CrossFitâ„¢ Level 1 Trainer
  • Integrated Fitness – IDEA
  • Program Design – IDEA
  • Behavior Change Specialist – NASM
  • Back Stability Specialist – NCSF
  • Olympic Weightlifting Specialist – NCSF
  • Youth Exercise Specialist – NASM
  • Functional Movement Screen – IDEA