Recommended Products

These are all products that I have literally owned and used for YEARS! I do get a small affiliate commission from Amazon if you’d like to buy any of these products via the links provided, which I would appreciate, but there’s not a single thing recommended here that I don’t personally use. All of these products work exactly as they should, last a long time, and best of all are super affordable compared to other brands!

– Ben Crane

For Inflammation & Recovery

Muscle Floss Bands

Stop icing joints down and start creating customizable compression combined with gentle movement! Wrapping a sore or swollen joint with these bands helps push inflammation out to restore movement. The more you can move, the faster you can heal. Motion is lotion!

Resistance Training

Hip Circle Bands, aka “Booty Bands”

I use these bands not just to strengthen my hips, but more specifically to reduce back pain! You can’t have a strong back without a strong butt and these bands make it easy and effective to improve the strength and endurance of the many muscles that support your hips and back.

Gym Headphones

The BEST Headphones: Soundpeats Q30!

I’ve had the same pair of these since about 2016 or 2017 and they STILL hold their charge forever, still sound great, and they work a LONG way away from your phone! I know there’s fancier brands out there, but for $30, I’ll take these over those any day!