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Product image for the Foundations Cycle, Phase 1 of The Healthy Human Project


Phase 1 of The Project

Beginners: start here!

This 12 week cycle is perfect for those who have been sedentary for 3+ months and know their body isn’t ready to jump right into an exercise class, a bodybuilding program, or powerlifting regimen. 

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Product image for the Barbells & Basics Cycle, Phase 2 of The Healthy Human Project


Phase 2 of The Project

One level above a beginner! This 12 week cycle is perfect for those who have been consistently active for at least 3 months and feel comfortable starting barbell exercises immediately. If you’re worried this might be too easy for you, let’s see how you feel after doing all 5 workouts in Week 1. 

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Training Cycle Progression

How Training Phases Work

Visual graph of training cycles progressively becoming more challenging over time

The systematic planning of athletic or physical training

Periodized training is the foundation of any professional training program. Each training cycle begins at the appropriate starting point, carefully and strategically advancing the athlete (that’s you!) toward a higher ability level. Once a peak is reached at the end of the training cycle, a new cycle can begin at the new, more advanced starting point.

This progressive, cyclical training allocates time to recover between peak intensities, and more importantly ensures that the athlete never neglects each critical component of optimal adaptations within physical fitness: Skeletal Stability, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, and Muscular Power.

These four dimensions of athletic development are independent of the ACSM-recommended weekly doses of Cardiorespiratory, Resistance, Flexibility and Neuromotor training outlined in their activity guidelines. This means not only is The Healthy Human Project delivering the ideal dose of macro-level stress to your body each week, but on a micro-level is cycling that dose with the best known training progression for optimal athletic development.

PS: Don’t let the word “athletic” scare you. Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, skill levels, and more importantly: ages! If you exercise, you’re an athlete. And everyone needs exercise!