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WHERE YOU SHOULD FEEL YOUR WEIGHT IN THE SQUAT . Where you distribute your weight in your feet when you squat has a huge impact on your positioning.👣 . Most people squat with all of their weight into their heels. Some even have their toes come up they shift so far back. This typically happens when people overdo the "sit back" cue. A much better cue for the back squat is "sit back and down" because ideally both of those motions happen at the same time. When you distribute all the way to the heel, you limit your knee travel, so you don't take advantage of your ankle mobility.😮 Many people think they have stiff ankles bit really just need a tweak in technique. Squatting this way loads your hips more and makes you fold over a bit more too. . This can be really problematic in the front squat as that extra tipping forward let's the bar roll and places a lot of unnecessary stress on the wrist. So here we go so far as to just cue "sit straight down". . Shifting your weight into the midfoot let's you use your ankles more, get the knees a bit more forward, and stay more upright. It also balances the engagement of the hip and quads and tends to be a much more comfortable bottom position. (This helps pinching hips a lot.😃) To do it, find an even balance between heel and ball of the foot. Then descend into the squat maintaining it the whole time. Start slow and focus on keeping the weight there the whole time. . Tag a friend who needs a better squat and share the wealth! . #Prehab101

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