Program Key

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Program Key

[Rounds to Perform] x [Repetitions per Round]

3 x 10 = 3 sets of 10 reps
3 x 10/10 = 3 sets of 10 reps each side/direction
3 x 8-12 = 3 sets of 8-12 reps (implies reaching failure within rep range)
2-3 x 8-12 = At least 2, 3 sets if able of 8-12 reps

Pounds (lbs)

1 Arm

1 Leg

As Many Rounds As Possible
Perform each movement as described sequentially, repeating the order as many times as possible during the allotted time.

Standard weight is 45lbs.

Back Rack
Unless otherwise specified, anywhere on your upper back that feels comfortable and secure.



Every Minute On The Minute
Complete the 1st movement listed within 1 minute, resting until the 1 minute mark if finished early. Perform each subsequent movement the same, repeating until total duration designated is complete.

Free Motion™
(brand of cabled exercise equipment)

Front Rack

High Bar
High bar position on the back rack.


Leg Press
Weight suggestion will NOT include weight of machine.

Low Bar
Low Bar position on the back rack.

Left / Right or Right / Left
Execute movement as designated on L and/or R side.
E.g. 10L/10R = 10 Reps on Left then 10 Reps on Right
E.g. 5RL/5LR = Perform reps using opposite arm and leg, then switch and repeat on other side

Medicine Ball


Over-Head Squat

Perform movement in opposite direction than normal.

Range of Motion

Romanian Deadlift

Short Barbell
Short or Mini Barbell, usually half as long as a full-size bar. Empty ones typically weigh about 25lbs.

Smith Machine
Designated weight will NOT include weight of bar on machine.

Super Set
Means there are at least 2 movements to be executed back-to-back with as little rest as possible in-between.

Tempo [time before 1st movement]/[time of 1st movement]/[time before 2nd movement]/[time of 2nd movement]
Only applies if specified. Different exercises have different start positions, so tempo will be written for that exercises start position.
E.g. 0/2/0/2 indicates no pause from start position, 2 seconds to perform 1st half of movement, no pause before 2nd half, and 2 seconds to return to start position.
E.g. 3/5/2/1 on a Bench Press would suggest holding the bar for 3 seconds before lowering the bar to the chest, make the lowering phase of the bar last 5 seconds, pause on the chest for 2 seconds, then explode the bar from the chest to start position in 1 second.

One-sided, so perform movement one side at a time. May or may not be further specified using 1A, 1L, or LR/RL