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The Only True “Fitness” Program

The Full Fitness Formula Every Workout

Extensive research has proven that for a fitness program to do everything it should, it must include the following qualities and quantities of exercise:

  • Cardiorespiratory Training: 75-150 mins (vigorous – moderate)

  • Resistance Training: 2-3 days/week per muscle group
  • Flexibility Training: 2-3 days/week per muscle group
  • Neuromotor Training: 2-3 days/week (balance, coordiation, etc.)

Never waste a workout again! Every workout in The Healthy Human Project includes a balanced dose from each dimension of fitness so that at the end of each week, your body is stimulated to the precise standards of the latest scientific research.

ACSM Physical Activity Guidelines for Fitness Formula

The Perfect Workout

In the Palm of Your Hand

We take the expertise of a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutritionist and even a CrossFit Coach to create fun, functional, safe, and carefully progressed fitness training cycles that anyone can successfully follow. Start at the training cycle appropriate for you, follow the video-guided warm-up, workout and cool-down each 1-hour trip to the gym, and watch your body begin to transform from the inside out as you hit one weekly exercise quota after another!

Since your pursuit of fitness should never end, neither does our program. No two workouts are identical, and every week builds off the last and prepares you for the next. With time and consistency, you won’t believe how different your body can look and feel thanks to the most perfectly balanced exercise programming on the market today.

The Healthy Human Project fitness program being used on a smartphone in the gym
  • Professionally engineered evidence-based exercise prescription

  • Virtual guidance for every warm-up, workout, and cooldown
  • No 2 workouts are identical: never repeat a workout! 

  • Workouts carefully advance each and every week
  • Periodized training cycles facilitate perpetual improvements
  • Start at the training cycle for your ability and skill level
  • Nutrition for weightloss, recomposition, and growth included
  • Track your progress in professional personal training software
  • iOS app / Android web-app / Responsive desktop interface

FREE for Frontline Heroes

For all healthcare workers on the front line of the CoVid-19 pandemic, we thank you!

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Healthy Human Project




  • The Healthy Human Project Complete Fitness Program
  • Online Community for Q&A, Accountability, etc.
  • Personalized Calorie & Macronutrient Recommendations
  • Form Check and Correction Video Analysis
  • TrueCoach Personal Training Software
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Personal Training




  • For special needs or sport-specific training
  • Comprehensive posture analysis and assessment

  • Lifestyle coaching from Behavior Change Specialist

  • Custom training program by a CPT, CSCS, & CFL1

  • Personalized daily nutrition plan from a SNS
  • Daily communication, support and accountability


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