Rather than follow the tune of the mass media and discuss only the negative occurrences of 2017 and what I hope changes this year, I would instead like to highlight what I accomplished over the last year and what I plan to accomplish in 2018.


  1. Produced a Top 10 finisher in the Gold’s Gym 2017 Transformation Challenge
  2. Became a Strength and Conditioning Coach
  3. Earned a Youth Fitness and Sports Nutrition Certification
  4. Reached the leanest body-fat percentage I’ve had in almost 10 years
  5. Took up Rock Climbing as a new hobby
  6. Started playing basketball again for the first time in 8 years
  7. Learned the Olympic Lifts and made a 180lb Snatch and 225lb C&J

2018 Plans

  1. Read every night before bed
  2. Map out my Personal Training app
  3. Climb a 5.12
  4. Squat 400lbs  with full range of motion
  5. Bench Press 300lbs again
  6. Win the Gold’s Gym College Station Employee Transformation Challenge
  7. Pay off remaining debt
  8. Snatch 225lbs
  9. Clean and Jerk 275lbs

I wish everyone reading this post a Happy New Year, a wealth of exceptional accomplishments in the months to come, and maybe even a life-changing event for the best! If you need help or have questions about any health or fitness related goals you have, message me at ben@dowhatyoucant.com and I will help guide you in the right direction, even if you do not wish to do any personal training!